Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Fall 2011 Knitting Mags - Part TWO

Here's another report on Fall 2011 Knitting Magazines.  So many plus size patterns this time, that I had to break it all up into several posts! :)

Let's start this time with two patterns for MEN! 

From the magazine called "Australian Knitting" Vol 3/No 2 (Winter)
Australian Knitting

The "Man's V-Neck Jumper" fits up to a 53 inch chest. Cool!
(Sorry - didn't get a photo of that one)

And in "KNIT" Issue 41 - Oct 2011

The "Sherwood Jumper" fits a 53 inch chest as well.
Sherwood Jumper
Interesting cables, and a nice neckline as well!

In that same magazine (KNIT), you'll find a ladies "Oceania Skirt", which fits up to a 53" hip.

Oceania Skirt

Next, are three plus size jacket patterns from Interweave Knits (Fall 2011):


The Solstice Jacket fits up to a 53" chest.  Very pretty!

Solstice Jacket

The Honeycomb Jacket goes up to 52"

Honeycomb Jacket

The Angel Fire Jacket goes to 52"
(plus one quarter of an inch....What is that - two stitches? Ha!)

Angel Fire Jacket

Knitscene (Fall 2011)

Knitscene Fall 2011

has the Bernhardt Cardigan, which goes to 52 inches.

Bernhardt Cardi

Stay tuned for the next report, which will include size 3X and chest sizes up to 51 inches.

Thank you for your patience with my report this time.  I've been going through some crazy things at home, so I'm not my usual chipper self.

Talk soon!


Anonymous said...

I just found this at my local b&n- lots of great patterns.

Shandeh said...

Awesome! Love it!

I just wish they made patterns larger than 3X

Anonymous said...

I'm a plus size woman & appreciate the information, but I really, really do not want to see a knit skirt on someone with 53" hips!

Shandeh said...

I think it's a tapered skirt, so it would get more narrow down at the knees. I could be wrong, though.