Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Times at Plus Size Knitting

Welcome to your pattern link resource for Plus-Size Knitting Patterns!

I'll try to update our links soon, so you'll have more to choose from.

For now, keep referring to my August post from last year.

Happy Knitting! :)

Finished Handknit Saguaro Top!
(That's me, wearing the "Saguaro" top, designed by Kennita Tully. The pattern is found in the Spring 2005 issue of Knitter's Magazine. I enjoyed making this, my first sweater, using cheap cotton yarn that has actually held up pretty well.....two years so far!) :D


"Jedopi" said...

I think that it's great that finally someone has written a blog like yours. I have had such a hard time finding plus size patterns that actually look good once you have finished making them. I agree that there are far too many "skinny" patterns out there. Real women don't look like models, they look like me and you. By the way, you look very nice in your new sweater, the colours suit you very well. Have you tried knitting from the neck down? I've tried this recently and you can try your sweater on as you go. It's much easier to judge the fit that way. Give it a try. Come visit me on my blog, jedopi3bagswool. I have been knitting for about 20-25 years and crocheting for ten. I love making clothing, but I enjoy making toys as well.

Amy said...

I love the top.

Argie said...

This is beautiful, and I agree with Jedopi, the colors suit you very well. I'm always trying to adapt patterns to plus sizes (at 3x and 5'11" I'm one of the smallest in the family). If you look at a sewing pattern, they have lines where you can add inches without drastically altering the pattern, and the same technique works with knitting patterns, but it is SO MUCH EASIER if you start with a pattern that fits. I'm glad to have found this blog.