Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Winter 2012 - 2013 Knitting Mags

Our winner this month is Knitscene Winter 2012!
They have a gorgeous pattern for an open, flowing counterpane cardigan, that really is one of a kind!
And it fits up to a 67" chest. :D

Here's the back of their "Erte Cardigan":
Erte Cardigan Back
And the side view:
Erte Cardigan

Here's our list of magazines for this time:
Cosyknits - Autumn/Winter 2012
Creative Knitting - Winter 2012
Interweave Knits - Winter - January, 2013
Knit 'n Style #183 - February 2013
Knit Wear - Fall 2012
Knitscene - Winter 2012
Knitters K109 - 2012
Love of Knitting - Winter 2012
Yarnwise #53 - October 2012

Boxed Pullover - up to 58" chest - Knit Wear
Boxed Pullover

Turned Cable Cardigan - up to 57" chest, Knit Wear
Turned Cable Cardigan

Trapezoid Tee - up to 57" chest - Knit Wear
Trapezoid Tee

Now, let's keep on truckin'.......

These two go up to a 56 inch chest:

Honeycomb Collar Pullover - Knit Wear
Honeycomb Collar Pullover

Faux Fur Vest - Knit 'n Style
Faux Fur Vest

The Hope Top goes to a 54 inch chest - Knit Wear
Hope Top

Here are four designs that go up to size 4x:

Opening Night - Love of Knitting
Opening Night

Bella Donna - Creative Knitting
Bella Donna

Elegantly Edgy - Creative Knitting
Elegantly Edgy

Totally Vested - Creative Knitting
Totally Vested Totally Vested Back

Here are three designs that go up to a 53 inch chest:

Cable Cardigan - Knit 'n Style
Cable Cardigan

Columnar Jacket - Knit Wear
Columnar Jacket

Marm Cardigan - Yarnwise
Marm Cardigan

And here are eight designs that go up to a 52 inch chest:

Moss Sweater - Yarnwise
Moss Sweater

Farmstead Cardigan - Knitscene
Farmstead Cardigan

Snowdrift Shrug - Knitscene
Snowdrift Shrug

Juicy Side-Tie Vest - Knit 'n Style
Juicy Side-Tie Vest

Lace That - Knit 'n Style
Lace That

Party Sweater - Knit 'n Style
Party Sweater

Simple Cardi - Knit 'n Style (reminds me of a white shrug I saw on a certain British royal person)
Simple Cardi

Plaits and Links Cardigan - Interweave Knits
Plaits and Links Cardigan

The "Willamette Coat" from Knitscene goes up to a 49" chest
Willamette Coat

These last three designs all go up to size 3x:

Play It Up with Cables Cardi - Creative Knitting
Play it Up with Cables Cardi

Wheat Skirt - Knitters Magazine
Wheat Skirt

Winding Path Cardigan - Creative Knitting
Winding Path Cardigan

Finally, I am sharing some plus-sized men's designs that I found:

"At His Leisure" goes to a 59 inch chest - Cosyknits magazine
At His Leisure

"Take it Easy" goes to a 58 inch chest - Cosyknits magazine
Take it Easy

"Oliver Hoodie" goes to a 56 inch chest - Yarnwise magazine
Oliver Hoodie

"Center Cable Pullover" goes to a 55 inch chest - Knit 'n Style
Center Cable Pullover

These two designs go to a 54 inch chest, and are in Knit 'n Style magazine:

New Slant Pullover
New Slant Pullover

Men's Cable Turtleneck
Men's Cable Turtleneck

And here's our final design for this report.  Whew!

"Smokey Graphite Crewneck" which goes to size 4x, and can be found in "Love of Knitting"
Smokey Graphite Crewneck

So, now you have a BOATLOAD of plus-size knitting patterns to choose from.  Go have fun with those needles and yarn!!  :D

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