Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer 2012 - Plus Size Patterns in Mags

Hello, all you plus-size knitting folks! :)

It's Summertime!  So, that means it's time for another report. Our winner this month is Interweave Knits, who has provided a lovely vest pattern, with a 59 inch bust.
Interweave Summer 2012

And here's that design - The Planche Vest

Planche Vest

They had some other great patterns, as well, so I'm gonna list them all here:

Dawn Dress - up to 57 inch measurement under bust
(I think that some of us might need to add a bit to the top edge of that bra section, so we don't spill out for the whole world to see.)
Dawn Dress

Bethany Wrap - up to 56" chest
 Bethany Wrap

Flynn Cardigan - up to 54" chest
Flynn Cardigan

Seaglass Shell - up to 53" chest
Seaglass Shell

Coquette Vest - up to 53" chest
Coquette Vest

Men's Herringbone Vest - up to 54" chest
Men's Herringbone Vest 2

Knitscene - (Summer 2012) has some nice plus-size designs this season as well. Knitscene Summer 2012

Merida Pullover - up to 57" chest

Merida Pullover

Quinn Sweater - up to 56" chest
Quinn Sweater

Kenzie Tee - up to 53" chest
(This one is assymetrical)
Kenzie Tee

Knit 'n Style (August 2012) has gained some of our favor this time, because they have a design with sizing up to 4X!  That's a real accomplishment, because usually they only go up to 2X. Thanks, Knit 'n Style! :)
Knit 'n Style Aug 2012

Knit Silk Vest - up to size 4X
(They also have a crochet version that goes up to the same size)
Knit Silk Vest

End of Summer Capelet - up to size 3X
End of Summer Capelet

Cropped Jacket - up to size 3X
Cropped Jacket

Love of Knitting (Summer 2012) lost our love this time, because they only have ONE design that goes up to size 3X. :(   Did you forget about us?  Boo Hoo........
Lacy Cable Vest - up to size 3X
Lacy Cable Vest

Creative Knitting (July 2012)
Pender Vest - up to size 3X
Pender Vest

Knitting Magazine (UK) - Issue 103 - June 2012
Knitting Magazine (UK) Issue 103 - June 2012
That pretty design on the cover is called "Shale Lace Top", and goes up to a 52" chest.

YARN (Australian) Vol 12, Issue 25
YARN Australian

Garden Party Cardi - up to size 3X
Garden Party Cardi

Man's Jumper with Cabled Yoke & Sleeves - up to 142 cm chest (55.9")
Man's Jumper

That's all of it!  There were some size 2X designs, but I decided to stick with 3X and over again this time.

See you all next time. :)


Bless2BHome said...

I love the Dawn Dress and like you I would need to add a little more height in the bust area. Guess now will have to get the magazine. Thanks.

Shandeh said...

I love that dress too! I'm thinking that it would make a fun tunic over leggings or slinky pants.

Deb said...

I have a new plus sized book out. Top Down cardigans in sizes 44" to 61". This is a multi-gauge book so the 3 styles of Top Down cardigans can be knit in any weight from sports to chunky.

We're running a KAL for the book at Deb's Plus Cardigan on ravelry.

Shandeh said...

Thanks Deb! So wonderful to know that you are making new designs for us. :)

fzillion said...

What are the differences between pullover, sweater, jacket, hoodie,sweatshirt,coat,jumper,... and cardigan ?
cardigan sweater

Shandeh said...

Pullover is a garment that is put on over the head, and covers arms to the wrists. In England, they call it a jumper.

A sweater is the same as a pullover.

A jacket is open at the front, and usually has long sleeves to the wrist.

A hoodie is a jacket with a hood attached.

A sweatshirt is a casual pullover, with long sleeves.

A coat is the same as a jacket, but usually warmer.

A jumper is the British term for pullover.

A cardigan is open at the front, usually with long sleeves.