Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring 2011 Knitting Magazines

Last night, I asked my hubby to take me to Barnes & Noble, so I could look through all the new Spring 2011 knitting magazines. I wanted to see if I could find any nice new plus-size knitting patterns for us! :)

Vogue Knitting (Spring/Summer 2011)

Two Button Vest - goes up to size 2x
Two Button Vest

Lace Poncho (nice for a beach cover-up)
It says "One Size Fits All", but it looks very roomy on this model. Of course, she's probably a size negative 2. HA HA HA
Cover Up

Love of Knitting (Spring 2011)

Spreading Wings Cable Pullover - goes up to size 3x
Spreading Wings Cable Pullover

Bobbled Lace Cardigan - up to size 3x
Bobbled Lace Cardigan

Buttermilk Shell - up to size 2x
Buttermilk Shell

Yarn Forward (March 2011)

Menai Tank - up to 52" bust
Menai Tank

Selina - up to 50" bust

Shady Grove Cardigan - finished bust up to 54"
Shady Grove Cardigan

KnitScene (Winter/Spring 2011)

Bandha Hoodie (up to 53" bust)
Bandha Hoodie

Belvedere Cardigan (up to 50" bust)
Belvedere Cardigan

Camellia Shrug (up to 50" bust)
Camellia Shrug

Magnanimity Cardi (up to 52 3/4" bust)

Interweave Knits (Spring 2011)

Draped Vest - up to 55" bust
Draped Vest

Heliotropic Pullover - fits up to 58" bust

Lara Bubble Top - up to 53" bust
Lara Bubble

Leaf and Picot Cardigan - up to 53" bust
Leaf Picot

Ruched Yoke Tee - up to 55" bust
Ruched Yoke

Creative Knitting (March 2011)
I decided to buy this issue, because they had a section just for plus-sized ladies! And most of the rest of their patterns were plus-sized as well. They were even nice enough to use a lovely plus-size model for some of them!!! Thank you, Creative Knitting! :)

Cirque Pullover - up to size 2x

Cross-Country Cables - up to size 2x
Cross Country

Dendritis - up to size 3x

Mountain Thyme - from size XL to 3x (they left out the smaller sizes completely!)
Mountain Thyme

Retro Flower Cardi - up to size 2x
Retro Flower

Sandy Shores Tunic - up to size 2x
Sandy Shores

Soiree at Maxim's - up to size 2x

Spring Patchwork Jacket - up to size 2x
Spring Patchwork Jacket

Springtime Romance Pullover - up to size 2x
Springtime Romance

Warming Trend Vest - up to size 3x
Warming Trend

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Heartsapocolypse said...

This is awesome! And I like that they actually used some real plus sized ladies!