Friday, January 29, 2010

Bernat & Patons Plus Size Patterns

Recently, I was asked to be a blogger for Bernat yarns. Before I agreed, I checked out their website to see if they have any plus size patterns. YIPPEE!! ALL of their women's patterns go up to size 5X!! Love it!

And I found out that Bernat and Patons are run by the same company. So I checked out the Patons websites as well - Yahoo! Some of THEIR patterns go up to size 5X also! :)

So, of course, I agreed to blog for Bernat. Check it out here!
Bernat Blog


purplemorgan said...

congrats on the blogging!! Cool!!! You've assembled quite a few helpful links and resources for us fluffy-types!!! ;-) Thank you very much!

I am exploring Patons' site, but so far have found no pattern larger than XL... :-(

Shandeh said...

Hmmm... You must be looking at a different website from the original Patons website. (

Most of their designs go up to
5XL. A few of them are smaller, but not most.

purplemorgan said...

Yes, that's where I went. There is no other Patons Yarn site, and I followed your link. And of all the women's sweaters I looked at that I wanted to knit, and there were many, none of them were larger than XL. One was 2X, but the 2X was listed at 42ins! ( ). Maybe the newest patterns are up to 5X, but every single pattern I clicked on in women's sweaters, and it was over a dozen, were nowhere close to plus sizes. I'm glad they are changing, but so so many of the patterns are still way too small for a fluffy gal.
KW Cabled Jacket, Big Stitch Pullover, KW Cabled Raglan, KW Casual Cables for her, Colorful Polo Neck.... on and on. I think after page 3 of the women's sweater's, none of them are larger than 42in bust. So the truth is that MOST of their women's sweaters patterns are not for fluffies. They have made a change, but only to their newest patterns. But thanks for all the other patterns and resources.

Shandeh said...

You're right!

I guess I've only been looking at the newer patterns.

I'll update the blog post.

The good thing is that the Bernat patterns ARE up to size 5X. :)

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.

rochj said...

Hi there!
I have been wanting to start knitting again for a long time but have not, because I seem to be the 'wrong' size.... seeing your blog has fired me up to get going again!
I have not knitted since I was a teenager, so I was wondering if I need to buy longer needles to knit with as obviously my width is longer...
Thanks again for motivating me to start knitting again!

Shandeh said...

Hi rochj!

Instead of using longer straight needles, I prefer using long CIRCULAR needles. I still knit back and forth, like I did with straight needles, but the weight of the knitting project rests in my lap. Much easier on my hands and wrists.