Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Plus-Size Knitting

I've been knitting now for a little over three years. One of my biggest frustrations is that most patterns are written for model-thin people. NOT COOL!

If you look at a crowd of people, you'll soon realize that most of us are NOT thin. So, why hasn't the pattern-making public noticed this?

And another thing....you'd think the yarn stores would WANT to have plus-size patterns. Think of how much more yarn they would sell! (Plus size patterns need more yarn to complete the project.) Hello!!!!

Since I spend so much time searching for plus-size knitting patterns, I decided that maybe I should put what I find in one spot. For my own convenience, and for the rest of you plus-size knitwear lovers.

So, without further ado, let's get cracking......

If you know of a knitting pattern (free or not) for plus-sizes, please post a comment.



Squawker Girl said...

Thanks for putting this blog together! I think that the knitting world/pattern writers are beginning to catch on that many of us are "plus" sized. (Seeing that 65% of American's are overweight or obese should be a hint that probably the majority of knitters are, too!) I also recommend the Big Girl Knits book. It has lots of patterns as well as tons of tips for upsizing other patterns.

gardenmommy said...

Hi Sandy! *waves*

Oat Couture also has many patterns in up sizes as well!


unkoine said...

Thanks gardenmommy! I've added a link to that site!

Anonymous said...

I am always popping in and out looking for new patterns.

Here are some new ones I found in an Ample post today by Jill Wolcott.
I don't think they have been posted here yet.


unkoine said...

Thanks! To make that link work, just add the word "PLUS" at the end of it.

Anonymous said...

Lime and Violet just made mention of a site with gorgeous plus patterns.


Shandeh said...

Thanks. I just saw a few patterns there. ;)

bjanna said...

I wonder if there's any kind of formula we can use to alter small size patterns into plus sizes.

I've often seen designs that I just know would be flattering on fuller figures, if they could only be altered to fit. Grr!

Thank you SO MUCH for organizing this blog. What a treasure!

Anonymous said...

Somewhere I have a hard cover book dedicated to this subject. Unfortunately I can't lay my hands on it now. I remember reading instructions for adjusting a patter for the plus figure and there were tips on what type of sweater design are most flattering. It was purchased at Barnes and Noble about two years ago. I will share more when I track the thing down....